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The mobile journalist workflow starts from time management.

I’ll ask you a question. Do you know where you put your time? Do you know how you use your time? The mobile content creation, I said and re-said, is that culture that helps to create multimedia content for communication, for the media or for creativity with the help of mobile devices or tools directly connectable in a wired way, with the wire, or wireless, without. There are many qualities of this culture, but one of the most important is saving time. Your work should start from time management, just like mine. Thousands of articles and hundreds of books have been written on the organization of the days and activities, life and professional commitments. Few, however, have dwelled on this question: where does each of us spend time?

At the office and on the field

We often complain that we don’t have time. It is a colossal dance. The problem is that we don’t use time well. If you have to produce content with your smartphone you have to organize yourself well when you are at the desk and even better when you are on the field. As you know, in fact, one of the three objective limits of the smartphone is the battery and therefore the time during which the phone remains on and operational. Another important moment that rhymes with time is what you live, always smartphone or tablet in hand, when you close your video story, when you assemble and publish it. There, time goes by quickly because mobile content creation makes you do things in half the time.

Toggl tells you where you waste your time

One of the app screens (Toggl)

In the end, let’s face it: where do you waste time? Because it all starts from there. Among the thousands of apps that help time management, there is one that helps you understand where yours goes with extraordinary effectiveness and incredible clarity. His name is Toggl, comes from Estonia and is a time tracker. Yes, because to know where you throw it, the time, you have to trace it, know how you use it. Your time is your most precious asset. You, every time you do something, you have a cost. The Toggl screens efficiently help you understand where you put the time resource in your days. So you understand how you manage it and how you should manage it. It all starts from there, it all starts from your time.

There is a tracking screen that shows the lists of your business, a second page that shows you with an areogram the various slices of your time, a third calendar page where, to your commitments in the electronic agenda, the moments are added where you tracked the time. Just to show you if your tracks, your time tracks, were in synergy with the appointments you made.

Toggl: a world for free

Toggl is a valuable app that can also be very useful in its free version. It is very precious in the pro version because, if I have not misunderstood it, it also counts the billable hours, makes precise reports for customers, if you have a team that checks it, sends you the report of the hours tracked via email. In short, a true paradise for those who have a little flow of customers and must be careful where they put the most important resource. The importance of this app is extraordinary, which makes you understand everything about your time without asking for a penny. Faced with so much value, you want to pay a subscription for this app born in 2006 by Alari Aho and Krister Haav in Tallin in Estonia.

For a person who lives his job and takes full advantage of the potential of the smartphone, everything starts from there: Toggl. The virtual assistant who makes you understand where your time ends.

Toggl: the most important app

For me, therefore, the app that has the most importance as a value for my work is Toggl. More than many apps for mobile content creation, more than many apps for filming or editing. And what is the most important app for you?

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