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The world is streaming now, but we have to analyze how… and why.

The emergence of the international pandemic of COVID-19 has profoundly changed everyone’s relationship with the web and smartphone. This also happened in mobile content creation. All became streamers and went live with very little design of the proposed formats and with little awareness of what they wanted to say, represent, discover, show. Streaming, however, is a very serious affair and must be written very well before it can be done. In the world of mobile content creation there are many solutions to be able to create live via social networks in a professional way, but you must be able to use the tools available well and combine them with knowledge and non-trivial skills.

How to make a living

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The Mobile Side’s way to see the things

This project is a project linked to the dissemination of all the creativity and content that can be produced with mobile devices. Over time I have tried to keep the care of the contents high and to offer useful tools and useful knowledge to those who arrived on the columns of this blog. The way of seeing things on The Mobile Side was, however, always tied to the professional opportunities that mobile content creation created and creates. In short, we can talk about beautiful things and do beautiful things, but if we don’t pay the bills and we don’t find the money to live, everything we talk about is useless.

“No money. No good journalism”

This phrase is from the godfather of mobile journalism Michael Rosenblum. The teacher and friend says it right: if they don’t pay us properly we can’t make good content. However, TMS wants to stimulate the entrepreneurial path of the mobile content creator and, in this case, give a suggestion. At this moment when everyone is becoming a streamer, the right application to focus on is Switcher Studio. This is the professional streaming platform created for the Apple world (iPad and iPhone) capable of creating real live formats with multiple cameras, graphics, multimedia interactions and capable of creating connections remotely via video chat.

The Switcher Studio solution.

This app, created by the team of Nick Mattingly and technically developed by the Italian Gabriele Mondada, is a sea of ​​opportunities for the possibility it offers to create excellent live productions to be published via social media. Multicamera, titles and graphics, import of content for live broadcasting, video chat with external connections, a cloud to save your characterizing elements or your own contents: on Switcher there is everything, even the possibility of going live with linkedin (for those who have access to this function, still in the testing phase). There is everything but there is also more. A good market opportunity is given by the chance that on Switcher you can record videos remotely with the Video Chat tool. By connecting with a guest device in the video chat room, Switcher has, among many opportunities, that of performing a live recording, but without publication, to achieve interviews, lessons, webinars, videos with static images that, later, you can edit. Can you think about what the possibility of continuing to produce videos without going to places physically could mean for a content producer?

There is a market to be created.

Mobile content creators have always been innovators of visual language and, with this possibility, I’m sure they could come up with ways to produce quality videos in many different fields. Switcher Studio, therefore, is a consistent solution to create a new mojo product and to be able to sell it on the market. If you want further intications you can set up a one to one chat with me by selecting an hour of free consultation in my calendly agenda below. There is a market to create remote video productions, can we talk about it?

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