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Mobile content creation is helping communicators around the world a lot.

In these times of emergency, knowing how to use your smartphone as a quality multimedia content production machine is a great opportunity. The needs of these days have changed and respond to specific targets. In fact, there are many who have lost their jobs or lost much of their earnings. For this reason, the mojo culture must adapt to give them useful answers and tools to revive the language of their activity, whatever it is. Now mobile content creation is a matter for all those who must give themselves a new image or reach new customers, new markets, new opportunities.

Tech? No, thanks.

Technology, market news, the latest models, latest apps, latest cinematic works or incredibly beautiful footage. I see many of the sources of this culture remain anchored to the diffusion of what is beautiful, advanced, technically high, graphically high. Every time I read content, watched videos, scrolled through articles, I had the clear impression that the way of speaking of the mobile content creation community is too high.

I greatly appreciate the contents that come from the greats of this matter, but I declare that it is my intention to remain at a basic level of the diffusion of this culture, in order to be useful to as many people as possible. TMS’s dream is that mobile content creation is for everyone, from the shoemaker to the architect, from the manager to the videomaker, to the television journalist. Without, however, distinctions given by the difficulty of learning and therefore of using all that knowledge, of those tools, of those opportunities that the mojo culture gives.

My personal advice

The advice that I propose in this post is to read a very important book of mojo culture. I’m talking about “Iniciacion al Periodismo Movil” which is a guide on this matter created by the Argentine journalist and content producer Matias Amigo.

Of course, those who know Spanish well can appreciate the work better. The reason why I recommend this book is precisely related to the practicality and clarity of the concepts, to the large amount of extraordinary suggestions that are present in its pages, and finally to the possibility to use the matter that is explained (in that book particular reference is made to mobile journalism) as a way in which to produce any useful content. Amigo, with attractive graphics and a dry style, really gives a manual that can be considered a small bible. Here is the chat made with Matias a few days ago and appeared on the Facebook page of The Mobile side. Below, however, the link to download the guide. Last note: it’s free.

Chat with Matias Amigo

We have the occasion to chat about mobile journalism with Matias Amigo, content producer based in Bahia Blanca (Argentina). He is a point of reference for mojo culture and author of “Iniciacion al Periodismo Movil”, most important book in spanish about mobile journalism culture.

Pubblicato da Francesco Facchini – The Mobile Side su Lunedì 30 marzo 2020
Facebook Live with Matias Amigo.

Find here the link to download Matias Amigo’s book.

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