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The web, like never before, has become a bridge between people.

TMS thinks the time has come to exploit it. The mobile content creation community is at the center of the interest of all those who produce content for the most diverse types of business. From what I can observe from here those who spread this culture have not, at least for the moment, been able to join forces to increase the knowledge and diffusion of the use of the smartphone to produce content and to improve lives, careers, companies .

The right road.

As anyone who has read the columns on this site knows, this is the platform where I try to maintain a point of contact with all those who follow my work and who are not Italian native speakers. I continue to do it, with my non-perfect English, because I believe that mobile content creation is a great meeting point for people all over the world, for all those who have something to say to the world. Right now I see many colleagues and friends who are afraid and alone. They seek an individual way out of this mess. I think this is not the way. I think the way is to be together.

My calendar at your disposal.

For this reason I decided to open my agenda to all those who want to meet me remotely, to talk about this matter, to get advice, to receive a lesson for free on how to make a good video with your smartphone. Below you will find the Calendly form to fill in to meet and try together to build a better future. One last tip: if you have a specific problem to deal with, write an email to first and you will give me the opportunity to prepare properly for the meeting. I wait for you.

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