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What we are experiencing in Italy is a very hard period, a period that has led me several times to think of closing The Mobile Side.

On the other hand, it is not a project that brings economic benefits and the fear of the moment we are living in Italy sometimes suffocates lucid thoughts. I had talked about it publicly in this live broadcast that talks about my city, Milan, affected by the heart by the Coronavirus pandemic.

I will continue my work in English

After a moment of reflection I decided that I will continue my work, with the resources available, because I believe that this project has value. I will continue it in English and giving it the energy and content it deserves. I will only write more in-depth articles on the world of mobile content creation during the weekend and, during the working days, I will try to publish short posts on the subject, perhaps always from the mobile phone, to give substance to a totally mojo product.

Follow social media platforms

The contents and news that TMS wants to spread will be intensified via social networks. Below you can find the three reference platforms. Follow the project and share its posts.

You can find Instagram accounts following the link here. Below you find Twitter account that is the most update source of Information and content of all the project.

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