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The Catalan student and mobile journalist Ashley Pla Campo decided to embrace the mojo theme for his final academic research at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. TMS has received permission from the catalan mobile content creator to publish the work to benefit the international community of our culture. We thank him. In the next paragraph you can read an excerpt

The abstract

The main objective of this research work is to make an approach towards the ‘Mojo’ movement, acronym for the words Mobile Journalism, a journalism process carried out with mobile phones. In the first place, an investigation is been carried out on the current digital technological context, from which this new way of doing journalism emerges, to expose the birth of this movement and its evolution to this day, also approaching the phenomenon of citizen journalism and the role of the journalist in front of this movement. An interview/questionnaire is been carried out with renowned journalists in the field and pioneers of the ‘Mojo’ movement from different parts of the world, to discover the keys to this journalistic movement.

To complete this investigation, I detail a case study of mobile journalism through my experience in the coverage of the Dakar Rally 2019 and Morocco Rally 2019. The potential for immediacy, topicality, ubiquity and omnipresence of the mobile phone, cannot be compared to other communication tools. This device that most of us carry in our pockets, not only allows us to be updated about what is happening in the world, but it also allows journalists, communicators and citizens to inform about what is going on.

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