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A small fact, a great discussion to do together.

A personal event, exactly the theft of a backpack with my iPhones working inside, made me reflect on a problem that the international community of mobile content creators must reflect on. What is it about? Of this.

My appeal to mojo community

The world works with old phones.

Most of the communities of mobile content creators work with old phones. The revolutionary nature of the mojo culture does not necessarily rhyme with technological innovation, but more with the need for change that is inherent in the world of media in this period. Moreover, having new telephones has become expensive and dangerous, for those who are exposed, as happened to me, to thefts or robberies. For this reason and for many other good reasons, therefore, the orientation of mobile creators is to work, by necessity or by choice, with machines that are not the latest model on the market. Indeed, it must be said that most of the mobile world works with old telephones.

My dear old iPhone SE

I was robbed of a 512 gig iPhone XS Max and an iPhone SE and it of course crashed my balance sheet and bank account. Not having the resources to buy back the first one, I bought the second one again, of course second hand. It is a wonderful phone, equipped with a 64bit chip (the first among iPhones) and born from illumunate designers. It is therefore an efficient telephone, with which I hoped to be able to carry out at least the ordinary administration of my work, pending better times. In a few days, however, I had to notice large and small problems of relationship with hardware and software that made me think about the problem of planned obsolescence and its border.

The problem to discuss.

I make a couple of premises: you don’t want to publicly mention the names of apps or accessories with which I have had problems these days. The reason is simple: I wish this was a serious debate on the design techniques of the app and hardware, but also of the smartphones themselves, which condition the moment in which the device in our hands becomes old, forcing us to change. A pact between users, app developers, smartphone and support hardware manufacturers, a pact that establishes to operate so that most mobile content creators manage to work for a good number of years with the device they own. Without changing it.

Market knowledge.

I am only an observer of the mobile world and I do not know deeply the market data and the parameters with which all those who produce or design elements for mobile content creation use for their creations. I am thinking, however, of those communities in emerging countries that are still populated by colleagues that don’t have brand new smartphones. For them and their work, the issue of machine obsolescence and the ability to amortize spending over the years of work is crucial. Making mobile content creation is a job opportunity and you need to be helped to make it better with the instruments available.

The Mojo Africa twitter account

To better understand what happens, instead of being surprised by an update of an app that no longer fits on our smartphone, it would be nice to create a connection to understand when the border of obsolescence, after which our smartphone becomes old, moves . This would make everyone plan reasoned changes and would not surprise anyone.

Democratization of the media world.

Professor Ivo Burum has created a book of enormous value on the democratization of the media world through mobile journalism and mobile content creation. If the market, however, is heading towards the top of the hardware, following its technical developments in a pushy way, this democratization will have one less element in hand. Not everyone, in fact, will have the same access to the possibility of producing the content if, trivially, the app that worked with my iPhone XS max no longer runs on an SE. Moreover, smartphone manufacturers are also making moves in their own way …

Opinions by the german mojo giants Smartfilming and Bernhard Lill on the item

The new iPhone SE

Today, in fact, rumors of entry into production of the new iPhone SE are increasing. Nothing shocking, many other brands have light versions of smartphones. But I want to take it as a signal that says that even smartphone manufacturers are looking to consumers with more empty pockets than those who can afford an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I would love to host everyone’s opinions

So I renew my appeal, so that we can talk about it, perhaps in the beautiful group of Mojofest where the community meets, a group that has just broken through the 6,000 members from all over the world. I would be honored, then, to host any intervention of any manifacturer or developer who wants to explain how they choose to design their creations looking at the smartphone market that we have in our hands.

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