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These edition of CES did not reveal a lot useful things for mobile content creators.

This is because consumer electronic is heading quickly in the direction of streaming services, 5g and the future of screens, now that the hyper-fast connection is about to enter our life making us possible to consume very high quality viewing content.

In Las Vegas, therefore, the novelties of small cabotage such as the first foldable PCs or as the television of Samsung that rotates to adapt to the vertical vision of the millennials and the Z Generation, keep their bench.

Going a bit into the hardware, we can say that the foldable PC is called Thinkpad X1 Fold and is from Lenovo. Its folding screen makes the PC an 13-inch all screen and the keyboard (still present) almost an unnecessary object. The same, in fact, you can only use the PC is folded and only half of the display is used. As an object it is very mobile, but certainly its impact is zero on the workflows of a mobile content creator. There is no difference between this PC, however advanced, and a normal PC, at least for the needs of a mojo.

Vertical TV: joke o market?

The Samsung Sero is the concept of vertically rotating TV that was presented by the Korean giant with the idea of ​​supporting the verticality of social networks such as Instagram. The new object has sparked an interesting debate in the world of mobile content creation and represents an interesting point of contact, seen from the hardware side, between television, social media and mobile. The birth of Sero is important, but it is only a symbol with a future still to be built. All this assuming that it can really affect the production of vertical videos for third parties, especially outside of Instagram. In fact, among us, it has not yet happened that I am being commissioned a real vertical video from a customer and therefore it is thought that this Samsung movement precedes a lot the birth of a real market and a production of vertical videos.

Insta 360 allways a step ahead.

At CES 2020, however, there is a company that produces hardware for mobile content creation that has created another wonderful project for the philosophy it embodies. I’m talking about the Insta 360 which, with its R type, has reinvented the concept of Action Cam thanks to its modularity. Beyond the technical specs, which you can see below in the presentation video or here in the part of their site dedicated to this new release, the Insta 360 R is absolutely insertable among the “total mojo” objects for the ability to solve multiple solutions. with one object.

This philosophy, in fact, is decisive for creating the visual language revolution of mobile content creation: Insta is its symbol. With its detachable 360 ​​° camera, with the first Leica optics that unleashes the potential of the sensor or with the wide angle, the new born of Insta house still upsets the possibility of making new images of mobile content creators. Doubts remain about the acquisition of audio (all to be verified) but if the need is for a camera that changes viewing angles forever, the Insta 360 R is the answer. Well done.

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