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The last catalan magic gear

Enrique Frisancho and his team did a miraculous job. At TMS I tried the brand new Shoulderpod G2, a professional handheld for shooting with a smartphone, finding in my hands an object that radically changes the concept of support for the mobile phone and also the shooting process.

Shoulderpod is a company from Barcelona that has been producing this type of accessory for mobile content creation since 2014 and has carved out a prominent place in the mojo industry. Its flagship product was the S2, enriched over time by a modular system capable of keeping shotgun microphones or lights close to the phone to increase the quality of the shots.

The new philosophy

With dimensions of 155 x 110 x 55 mm and a weight of 417 gr, the G2, The G2, with all its 6 attachments for accessories and with the two screws for attachment to the supports such as the tripod, Shoulderpod G2 is a grip that completely changes the working philosophy of the videomaker with the smartphone. It is practically a platform that largely compensates for being relatively less portable than many others, with the bunch of operational opportunities it offers. A set of lights? A powerful shotgun? A second smartphone? A sportcam? On the G2 there is a way to create a world of possibilities, with the security of a material with great grip and with the certainty that the work tools will not fall from the support. In any working condition you are.

Fieldwork, with the G2, is simplified and made more dynamic. The reason is simple: the Shoulderpod G2 becomes the support for the most different types of framing and for the most diverse types of work. During the day, as at night, with static or moving images, the Shoulderpod G2 has been designed to give way to the mobile videomaker to rely on a single handheld and to focus on shooting and product quality.

The steady cam. without a steady cam.

The Shoulderpod G2 also does another thing. It behaves stable as a steady cam, in terms of grip and shape, giving everyone the opportunity to understand how unimportant gimbal are in the end. In fact, if you have an optically stabilized smartphone, the Shoulderpod G2 perfectly supports the stability of the device even if we have to make sequence plans and movements. For this reason and for the solutions it brings to work, we can say that, for The Mobile Side, this latest creature from the team of Enrique Frisancho and Ana Maria Vicens, is the object of the year 2019 for mobile content creation.

We conclude by saying that the Shoulderpod crew is one of the professional teams leading the mobile revolution worldwide. Thanks to them, we mobile content creators make considerable progress. Thanks from The Mobile Side team.

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