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Twenty grams of great power.

The Insta 360 Go was released a few months ago, but only in these Christmas holidays I had the opportunity to have it in my hands and play with it a bit. It is a very small camera of just over 20 grams that produces videos that are 2720 pixels high (more than 4K, they are round files) and up to 60 frames per second, with nitrate varying between 30 and 40 mega. Note that the export via app goes down to 1080 pixel. It is an object that upsets your videography because it makes shooting from angles and positions unthinkable with any other hardware extremely easy.

Why I love it.

I immediately loved the Insta 360 Go because, in perfect mobile style, it opens up possibilities for you to take pictures, being a true wearable camera, which you wouldn’t even dream of doing even with your smartphone in your hand. With its open angle and fisheye, the Insta gives you subjective plans, eye visions, tracking shots in motion, with the power of flow state stabilization that suffers a little on microtremors, but seems steady at the final sight. You stick it everywhere with its magnetic and glue supports and when you hold it in your hands it suggests angles a new formats continuously. I can’t wait to see if the wearable journalism master Yusuf Omar will use it in the future, because he will surely love it and realize with it incredible images. Ad my friend Dougal Shaw can find it interesting…

Why I hate it.

The Insta 360 Go is the latest example of Insta’s product on which, in order to lower the initial cost, the possibility of serving the customer after the purchase was cut. This hardware, in fact, is a hardware that is handled with fear because at the first fall it could split and make you enter a kind of nightmare that is what Insta submits to the customer who breaks a piece like an Insta 360 Go. If it happens, in fact, you can forget to have a service in your country and you have to rely on the shipment of the piece to the Mother House, to see it returning, perhaps, 20 days later with repair and duty costs. If you want to buy an Insta 360 Go, then, know that it is an expensive gadget to be a “disposable one”. This is the reason why I love the philosophy behind this project, but I hate its delicacy and the lack of help that is given to the customer in the after-sales service. I hope it will change, even if the price grows.

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