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Mobile content creation: everything will change. Again.

Mojofest returns in 2020 and this is a breaking news. In Galway in 2019 we broke up with a goodbye that seemed like a farewell, but Glen Mulcahy and his team managed to make a real miracle. In this very difficult period from an economic point of view, they found a solid partnership with the English event Media Production and Technology Show and set Mojofest in this event which represents an excellent meeting point for the media industry in England (and beyond).

It will be staged on 13 and 14 May 2020 at the Olympia Theater with free admission for the two days. The fair, famous as MPS in the English territory, is organized by the Media Business Insights magazine and will also contain the best of the mobile content creation industry that comes from Mojofest. This confluence is an obvious sign that history is about to change. The reason? I’ll explain it right away.

Mobile Content Creation and Broadcasting: on par.

The Mojofest part of this event will also have numerous workshops (not for free) on a probable third day of access to the Olympia venue. Ah, by the way: if you want your entrance, register here. In January Mulcahy and his colleagues will communicate the calendar and the seminar ticket can be purchased on the Mojofest website. Mulcahy has succeeded in the historic feat of relying on the mojo and its community on a par with the TV industry and putting them together on the same level. London, in fact, is a place where the integration between mobile journalism and broadcasting has been experimenting for some time and the event in May will be an accelerator of this dialogue process, finally at par.

Congratulations to Glen.

Glem Mulcahy, founder of the world mojo community, was masterful in the operation of lightening costs and multiplying opportunities. Truly a phenomenal operation by those who understood, as it is for Philippe Couve and his La Vidéo Mobile, that if you wanted a future for mobile content creation you had to open up to innovation in the world of media. Yes, because after all, we are the ones who are changing the media industry. And many have noticed. If you want to start to see the changement go to Paris to visit La Video Mobile that is opening the field to media innovation. Then manage to go to London in may. It’s worth it.

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