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Audio mobile: 2020 will be the year of the voice

I immediately establish one thing: mobile audio is the new frontier of sound creativity that meets mobile content creation. Now I’ll tell you what’s going on and what’s developing. The year we are about to meet will be the explosion of sound, audio, voice assistants, “Voice First Era” and the podcast market. For this reason the public of those interested in this sector of content production is increasing at 15% on an annual basis worldwide. Important institutions such as the Pulitzer Prize have been noticed.

Worldwide hardware manufacturers are expanding the offerings of sound acquisition tools, media companies are multiplying audio-based media offerings at high speed. The world of music, art and entertainment is in great turmoil to support the growth of audio production. In all this, mobile audio is the center of the democratization of access to the possibility of creating excellent audio content of a professional nature. And I couldn’t not follow him.

Two big companies for a new laboratory.

I was contacted and then involved by two extraordinary companies in the world of music, sound and audio instruments. I was overwhelmed by a magnificent project. The first is Mogar Music, an international reference brand for musical instruments and microphones, mixers and supports for audio acquisition. The second is Face The Sound, a multi-channel sales platform for everything that involves anyone who emits or records a sound and wants to do it with excellent quality. With two traveling companions like this, the idea could not fail to be brilliant (and a bit crazy): to tell about mobile audio. Yes, because music, sound and audio are what await us, but making you discover the world of production of all this on the move is the challenge that I was offered and accepted.

Video, podcasting, music … and much more.

A little reasoning is needed to tell about mobile audio. The first discipline to use mobile recording tools was music. I want to tell you something: the brand with the most mobile vocation in this sector is IK Multimedia. Of course, even the big names Sennheiser, Rode, Roland and others have done enormous things, but the IK, the very Italian IK, has for a long time conceived products “voted” for smartphones and Ipads.

For recording, mixing, for setting up real podcasting stations, one of the references is Zoom. From the small F1 to the most advanced portable mixers, to make mobile audio with them you have excellent tools and superb answers. If you then consider that you can also include spatial audio and binaural audio in mobile content creation, well, you will understand without delay that this field of mobile audio is the most innovative in the field of media and content production now.

Videos, to begin with.

In the near future I will be busy with these two audio signatures to make videos to “start” all those who want to make professional sound acquisition to this new work philosophy. They will be videos with the narrative form of the report, as if you were bringing the viewer to discover something new.

All with a thousand tips and with as accurate a story as possible on the subject of mobile audio. We are still in the works of the first work that I will finish by Christmas but I am sure that this will be only the first step to create a real movement around the culture of mobile audio content creation. If you want to be part of it or have curiosities to satisfy, you can leave me a comment or contact me.

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