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Mojofest and La Video Mobile are the international reference points for mobile content creation when you think to events and conferences. If one prefers the English language, then he must go to the first, if one is French-speaking then the second is better. The result, however, does not change: both are the excellence of this movement, this culture, this technique, this way for the production of contents in a modern key and for any destination editorial and creative.

Philippe and Glen, the two masters of ceremonies.

These two conferences were created by Philippe Couve and Glen Mulcahy who, without a doubt, are the most important inspirers of this culture, each for its cultural side. They also share a certain work philosophy that made their two creatures have the same evolution. In Paris Couve has “widened the field” of the mojo conference to editorial innovation. In addition to mobile journalism, in fact, among the fields addressed there will be social media, cinema, video creativity, augmented reality. In mojo key and not. The two masters of ceremony, as far as I know, share the same point of view on the evolution of mobile content creation and therefore I can assume that even the 2020 edition of Mojofest will not have a very different conformation.

Mobile content creation drives innovation in the media.

From whatever point of view you look at it, in short, mobile content creation drives innovation in the media world. The reason is simple: this culture started from mobile journalism and spread like a virus to all sectors of content production, from cinema to news, from corporate communication to podcasting, thanks to an international community of disruptors that changed the media models, media languages ​​and production schemes. Not to mention the hardware and software industry connected to the smartphone and to all devices that can be used on the move. Behind all this there is a wave of change that, slowly, slowly, has taken on the awareness of a sector that drives renewal in the media.

The 5g is here and will change again the face of this industry.

In this speech, then, the 5g is about to enter, which can further change the media and content production sector, in a mobile sense. Anyone interested in mobile content creation knows this well and if you want to know how this sector will change, go to La Vidéo Mobile on February 6th 2020 (you can buy your ticket by clicking here) or at Mojofest 2020 it becomes a must.

There is not much news on this last conference, but we know that it will be in London, probably at the end of spring. It was also leaked that there could be a big sign of this world behind the new edition of Mojofest that, last year in Galway, ended with a farewell that still stands on the site that you can find by clicking here. We’ll see what happens, but I assure you that you will find every news on the columns of The Mobile Side.

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