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The MV88 + is a friend for every occasion

In the field, when creating content with mobile tools, the primary need is not to have hardware that allows us to perfection, but hardware that provides us with the right solution. The MV88 + audio suite from Shure’s friends is a work support that realizes the second opportunity and that responds with excellent quality to the demand for good sound.

The tools of the audio doctor.

I am fortunate to have the MV88 for some time in my backpack and I have learned to consider it a “must” suite when I go around lightly. Something to have in the bag, as important as the smartphone. The solidity of the materials, the bracket, the tripod provided by Manfrotto, the cables for lightning or usc B, the hairdresser’s case to contain all the small objects, make this microphone a sort of encyclopedia of solutions in the field, a toolbox of the audio doctor.

The app and the yield control.

If you are interested in how the various situations develop in the field I can tell you that the MV88 + is the microphone used by one of the biggest mobile journalists in the world, Dougal Shaw of the BBC. The microphone, in Dougal’s use of it, resides on the head of the smartphone in the cold shoe of his handheld Ulanzi and gives him the chance to acquire a clean sound in his interviews. With his questions? Why not. Shure, in fact, has equipped this microphone with a special place in his app, the Motiv, to make sure that those who use the MV88 can decide the sound acquisition cone and the width of the stereo sound. In the Motiv, the authentic control center of the microphone, there are features such as the limiter, the equalizer, the output channel exchange, all in different audio situations such as speech, music and others. In the Motiv there is also the equalizer for balancing bass and treble.

Great for the reporter.

If you are one who always works in the field, makes journalistic-type videos and pieces to camera, the MV88 + kit is your tool, a microphone that frees all the possibilities on the road for reporters like you. You can find this suite on the major online stores and prices are around 180-200 euros. True, it is not a cheap product, but in full logic mojo solves many solutions with little hardware and little software, both of which are beautifully designed.

Ps for the live via socia media is very good.

Ops, I said in the live 28 but is 88!
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