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I have been working with Verona Network Group for over a year now: I live and see an incredible reality, at least for the Italian scene.

It is a small publishing group from the Venetian town, inspired by the professionalism and vision of the entrepreneur Germano Zanini. A group that has a package of media (which can be seen here) that are questioning the media domination of the area that has always been the prerogative of the Athesis group, publisher of the city’s historical newspaper, “L’Arena”.

The main ingredient? Mobile journalism.

Even Italy, therefore, can boast a publishing group that is totally changing its journalism, its editing, its workflow, its multimedia production towards the public. I’m talking, of course, of a structural and total change and not of a hybridization of work between classic and mobile, something that happens in almost all the editors, by now.

The desire to change.

The editorial team, led by class professionals like Matteo Scolari and Myriam Scandola, is young and driven by the desire to change. The work processes have been completely redesigned, becoming mobile start to end and also taking advantage of apps that work in the cloud like Adobe Premiere Rush.

A complex job, the one I developed thanks to Zanini and the whole team, but that has reached a certain maturity. All with obvious advantages of journalistic language, of time, of costs. Now the group has a mobile mentality accompanied by the quality and attitudes that are typical of the new modern journalism: flexibility, mentality, courage. Therefore, the tools have changed at Verona Network, but not at the heart of journalism, which will be “increased” in the coming months in an even more surprising way. Stay tuned.

The desire to live.

Verona Network is also specializing in multicamera live social networks to increase the commitment to the Verona community that will be the subject of the next stages of the project. In short, the desire for live also increases …

In an Italian world of media that deals with difficulty, immobility, poor vision of the future and lack of culture, Verona Network is a “hare” who ran away into the future. A future that will also rhyme with community service in which the group is strongly rooted.

I thank Germano for giving me the opportunity to develop this project, a demonstration in the field that the evolution of an average company can come from mobile journalism. And from so much more …

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