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Field experiences in Paris

I decided to leave for Paris with an iPhone SE and with Adobe Rush as a mounting philosophy and as a stream. I gathered a lot of information on the field about how an old phone behaves with the world of the newest and best performing apps. The iPhone SE also works with the latest editing suites and performs operations at a good speed, although the screen is now hopelessly small. The smartphone slows down, it is natural, when asked about operations such as export or GPS attack, two rather tiring things for any phone, you can believe for the first Apple phone with 64-bit architecture.

The iPhone SE is amazing.

The iPhone SE, in the field, is spectacular on the laid, firm image, on natural light, but also low. The hardware is still very efficient, but perhaps the best of the phone brings out the software. For an old man like me it is a problem to mount on such a small screen, but it must be said that SE keeps and runs everything, performs all the operations and never backs down. To claim that he lives a full day is madness, with today’s apps it is not possible, so if you work there you have to take batteries. The lightness, the speed of use, the basicity of the operational possibilities (voices, still images, few flourishes, a lot of substance) makes it possible to meet a simpler but still very beautiful mojo language.

The issue of obsolescence and the problem of internet connection.

Much of the mobile content creation world works on machines like these is perhaps the case to make an appeal to producers to take into account that their damned progamming obsolescence is damage to the biggest part of the creators. However, my iPhone SE held up all the bumps and made me tell the experience of this first visit to Satis in this way, I would say, discreet. Adobe Rush did the rest, giving me extreme potential in terms of editing and graphics, but making me suffer a lot from the point of view of the cloud. With the internet connection I had available in Paris I could not finish the video on the PC. I wanted to do it so as not to break my eyes in that screen of my iPhone SE. Instead, nothing: I ended up on the SE

The last day at SATIS 2019
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