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Binaural sound: first of all let’s try to understand.

Binaural or Binaural 3D audio is audio captured identically to the way we hear the world. When audio is captured with a binaural microphone, it is capturing the exact location of every sound source and where it is in relation to the recordist upon capture.

This is the definition of binaural audio, the three-dimensional audio that is acquired by specific hardware devoted to this ability and oriented to the creation of an engaging sound to let the person who listens (and maybe watch) the content even more inside the environment from which this content comes. I found this definition very interesting and now I tell you where I found it.

A new side

It was Hooke company that attracted my interest. It is a firm from the world of audio tools that has created a product capable of acquiring binaural audio from a bluetooth headset. You can find all the specifications here. What prompted me to talk to you about binaural audio is the fact that on the website of this company there is a very didactic part that explains very well the features, the history and the way of using this new form of immersive audio, so much to be called 3D. The binaural audio is well explained here.

The culture is important.

I haven’t tried the Verse, headphones that record binaural audio, but from the videos, from the tutorials and from the contents seen, its seem a product of excellent stature. I do not want, however, to dwell on this.

I only want to note the fact that I greatly appreciated the courage shown by this company which, on its web pages, cultivates a different way of acquiring and experiencing the audio that surrounds us. Of course via mobile.

Culture is important to introduce us to a new sound that can be part of the story.

I cannot fail to point out that these headphones are also bluetooth and therefore they can make us work wireless and with a wider potential and ability to move.

What can you do: a lot and more and more…

Binaural audio could be recorded with Verse and iPhone or Android. One other operative possibility is with the Ambeo Smart Headsets that are wired headsets that provide to user all the Sennheiser technology and a well done app part. Very good for mobile content creator. The binaural sound experience with Ambeo is something different and emotional and gives a lot of power to creator that wants to do a step ahead with audio putting in the story with spatial and 360° connotation.

Thinking about the storytelling it becomes clear that with Ambeo Headset or with Verse by Hooke you have a weapon in addition to your way to write a piece. Clearly the Verve, on whose technical validity I reserve the right to write when I have tried them, have the advantage of leaving the hands free, while the Ambeo become important for the pieces to the camera or for the images of an environment in which you are upon entering, you are moving. With binaural audio, however, the mobile content creation acquires an element of the story that is worth as the image, for its immersiveness and for the ability to make a frame even more alive. Another gift for mobile content creation

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