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The story of mobile journalism has to thank the Apple editing app iMovie.

When Steve Jobs presented his iPhone number 4 to the world on June 7, 2010, it was one of those days that changed the future of this game. During that Keynote, in fact, the great guru of the bitten apple also announced the arrival in the iOS operating systems of the iMovie app. It was part of the iLife package and was released in the Apple app store on June 24th of the same year. iMovie was a gym for all mobile journalists in the world and still represents the basic software to create stories with an iPhone in hand. Basic in commands, basic in solutions, iMovie has always represented a safe starting point for those approaching mobile content creation and a decidedly easy to understand environment to create videos starting from nothing.

Everything has changed.

Now everything has changed. The phones have changed, the public has changed, the operating systems have changed. iMovie, as a result, is starting to fall victim to time. For a few days, in fact, the Apple editing app is coming out of the radar of those with an iPhone less than 6s and to those who have obsolete operating systems in their iPhone. A slow death that debases because it does not take into account whole slices of the world in which the iPhone 6, 5S and the like are still now the maximum that could be desired to produce the furniture. We hope Cupertino will reconsider the decision.

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