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The world of mobile content creation is very vast.

Today we touch the reality of a nation, India, which is growing in the development of this culture thanks to the dynamism of its media industry, but also thanks to the vitality of its economy . Asian countries are the most fertile territory on earth for the adoption of mobile content creation because the tools of this culture are more accessible than those of normal videography and because the professions of the media industry are less tied to old classifications.

Let’s make a business

TMS talked about it with one of the most visionary exponents of the culture of mobile content creation in India, Archit Sinha, a past as a video maker for AJ + and a future as an entrepreneur. “In the past we were few, but with the mobile transformation of New Dehli Television, mobile journalism has become more popular – said Archit to TMS -, but I think this country should not be satisfied. In India, which is a land of one a billion people, there is a tremendous potential that can be developed when mobile content creators, who will become more and more, will commit themselves to experiment the use of this culture not only for making newscasts with the smartphone, but also to make mobile content creation a business that is free and profitable “.

Here is the chat via Skype that TMS has done with Archit Sinha, a bit rough because of the line difficulties and for another reason. TMS is always on the move and this is its language and will remain so forever.

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