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For some time, those who work with mobile content creators and those who spread it have been waiting for a signal of interest from the smartphone industry. It arrived September 10, 2019 and is called Iphone 11 Pro.

The last born in Cupertino is a smartphone that finally revolutionizes the way mobile phones are viewed by the manufacturer. And this revolution seems to be just the beginning of a new path that had already seen the first cries on machines like the Huawei P30 or the last Oppos, but took on a precise appearance only with the iPhone 11 Pro, its three rooms and the marked predisposition to video creativity.

The triple camera finally concerns us closely.

Last year I thought, with the X iPhone, that Apple had come to the end of the innovation race. I was wrong, because in Cupertino they worked on the field less covered by their technological development, that of videography. By creating that square section where there are new rooms (and also enhancing the selfie camera to make it equal to those that go outward) Apple has unleashed the computing potential of the smartphone, increasingly “computational machine” to the tank video and content production.

Sean Baker, director of Tangerine, one of the films shot with smartphones, but also Chris Cohen of Filmic Pro, beloved filming app that recently developed a great interaction with Apple and the world of cinema. Just the two, in a phase of the show, showed the features and potential of these rooms that will soon be enabled to shoot simultaneously, giving us more angles for each single shot.

Filmic is in the Apple world.

The Filmic team has entered from the main door in the Apple world (congratulations Neil, Chris and Kevin!) And is going to pave the way for the possibility of recording two cuts from two different rooms doing the same shot. What does this mean? Simple, increase the potential of the video maker who has a smartphone in his hand and increase in a professional way if it is true that Apple, presenting its iPhone 11 Pro, has left the stage to the experts of the videographers also showing images chosen and made by established directors own to reveal that this smartphone has a clear vocation for video.

Wedding between Filmic Pro and iPhone

The video is no longer scary, then.

Those who follow the work on the website may remember that last year the Los Angeles-based director Taz Goldstein was interviewed. He is one of the pioneers of cinema with a smartphone. “The smartphone manufacturers – Goldstein had said -, continue to produce phones that perform well in photography and not in video because they think that the consumer has less fears of making a mistake in taking a picture, than in making a video”.

Taz Goldstein

Here, it seems that, with this new iPhone has decreed the start of the era of mass video (but done well thanks to a great machine). The era of visual language developed by everyone has begun, thanks to the power of hardware and software that Apple gave us yesterday. The iPhone 11 Pro is, therefore, the first smartphone designed specifically for mobile content creation and developed also thanks to the interaction with video artists (such as Baker) and filming experts like those of Filmic.


The Apple Event 10th of september 2019

One last forecast.

I predict one last thing: isn’t it that after making a machine so close to the mobile content creator Apple is ready to land Final Cut on mobile? The moment is approaching: quickly.

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