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Ilicco Elia, who made the story of mobile journalism, is Head of digital at Deloitte and gives to TMS his vision ot mobile content creation future.

Ilicco was there, as head of the mojo lab at Reuters, when one of the first experiments of mobile journalism on the field was launched by the great news agency in the headquarters of London, It was the second part of 2007, probably september, this is to say 12 years ago. I had the chance to chat about MCC’s future and he gave me three important words to note: workflow, companies and collective. I hope you will enjoy the video because is a great document coming from one of the masters and founders of this culture and give us the road to the future.

Three consistent minutes of video.

Elia indicates a road that removes the difficulties of the mobile content creation community today and gives everyone the chance to earn a great future with these tools and this new way of interpreting the professions in the world of media and creativity. See the video and share it to your colleagues then create a future of your career that is near to a new workflow, to new markets and to new way to stay together with other colleagues. No ways guys, Ilicco Elia is a point of reference for mobile content creation, even today that is head of digital of the great Deloitte.

Chat with Ilicco Elia about future of Mobile Content Creation

Chat with Ilicco Elia about future of Mobile Content CreationMultistreaming with

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