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Audio for smartphone instruments are becoming better and better day by day.

I would say, indeed, that audio for smartphone instruments have become an integral part of the storytelling of mobile content creation as much as video instruments, reaching levels never touched before for the quality of the hardware and versatility of its use in the field. In short, taking good sound has never been easier. Making it enter into history as an element (to be dirty or not) to make the environment in which the protagonist of the story finds itself well and to underline its importance, has become such a natural element that one does not even notice the ease with which we get the final result of the combined audio and video.

A great new tool.

Sennheiser brought out the audio acquisition suite called “XS Wireless Digital” and the market for audio tools changed once again. From the height of its know-how, in fact, the multinational of microphones has created the perfect tool to give any shooting hardware a gadget capable of ensuring the highest quality of sound. With this suite, in fact, those in the field can produce with any camera and acquire audio with an operation that is extremely easy. Of course, we need adapters, but this small mistake is amply compensated for by the fact that, thanks to XS Wireless Digital, you can also make audio on your mobile and shoot with a Dji Osmo Pocket, with a drone, with a Go Pro or with any other device can free your creativity (even the craziest) and then go to the smartphone or iPad to edit.

The mojo evolution.

These new tools are developing a new way to get you closer to mobile content creation. It is a way that frees you from technical operations, making them quick and easy, to get you focused on the story. One way and a different world. I examined it in this new installment of my podcast on Anchor, for the first time in a video version, as well as audio. And you, what do you think? Do you always feel more free in the development of your stories? The mojo evolution started and will take us very far.

TMS podcast episode 6, video version (2019, September 3rd)
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