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The world of live social media has a master and this master has a name.

This is Peter Stewart, BBC journalist and author of “The Live Streaming Handbook”, a book published by Routledge. Tonight I talked to him about the world of live via social networks and he gave TMS a real lectio magistralis on ways to go live. The chat was long and characterized by some audio problems, fortunately especially on my side, while his speech was well heard and represented a veritable condensation of good tips to go live.

A territory to explore.

Many times I reiterated that live social media is an interesting product to offer on the market for two reasons. The first refers to the fact that we are interpreting it very badly. The second is that, thanks to mobile content creation, we have the possibility of expressing quality products and innovative communication projects linked to this way of interacting with the public. We have to experiment and go beyond the problems, explore the territory because beyond the difficulties of infrastructure (which this live shows very well) there are many professional opportunities. Enjoy.

A Live chat with Peter Stewart of BBC on social media live format

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