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I want to start this conversation with TMS and with those who will read us by introducing me, because I think this can help us to understand our project Feelmatic in a deeper way. I am 48 years old and my first job in publishing and content production dates back to 1991. Since then I have never stopped, print media, periodicals, books, internet, websites, streaming; until today, with mobile content creation. I say this because while talking about technology, hardware, software, the Feelmatic platform is starting with the precise objective of helping, supporting and enhancing the creation of content through mobile devices, basically the smartphones.

This project therefore starts from my direct experience in content management and thanks to the meeting with other professionals who in different contexts have worked or founded companies in the Telecommunications and Information sector and who at the end of 2017 decided to invest and give life at Feelming Spa, an innovative Start-Up that at the moment has developed, in addition to the Feelmatic platform, another framework, Feeber, for the industrial sector of system integrators.

Feelmatic: a new kind of newsroom.

Going back to Feelmatic, the App and the Desk platform were designed to communicate with each other and allow the journalist and videomaker on the move to produce, process and distribute quickly their own video content. Furthermore, Feelmatic, in its various components, is conceived as a management platform for work teams, the so-called Newsrooms. It is not a case that we collaborate with two of the most innovative companies in the field of news production, such as the Press Agency Dire and the Citynews Group.

Two realities with different needs but which have found in Feelmatic the most suitable solution to increase the production of news and coordinate the various editorial offices and collaborators scattered throughout the territory. A platform for single freelancers up to the broadcaster.

and a new kind of marketplace.

We do not hide behind any hypocrisy, we are a company and to continue we must do business, but we believe that there is always a transparent and concrete way to do it. We all know that the production of video content – be it information or entertainment – grows and will continue to do so more and more. Today the App and the Desk platform, which allow you to produce; for the second half of 2020 a dedicated environment, let’s say it’s a sort of marketplace where content producers and distributors can find and collaborate.

The objective is to build a recognizable place, where “demand” and “offer” can meet and where relationships are regulated in a clear and transparent way, both from an economic point of viev and for the one on copyright. We foresee the launch of the platform and the paid app on the iOS and Android stores, by the end of October 2019, currently the app can be downloaded in Beta Free mode.


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