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Pakistan is a country same as like few others countries where we don’t need to find the stories as they are available at our every footstep – like the poverty unequal distribution of wealth, illiteracy, energy crises , corruption and political instability, international interference, terrorism, overpopulation, inflation , unemployment, economy crises , health issue, the rising deprivation, the poor condition of small and medium enterprises, and the failure to effectively implement the local bodies system, which is considered the basis for democracy –  A huge numbers of stories are available at everywhere but unfortunately not every story were able to highlighted and published if we see a few years ago. 

Limited resources to tell stories.

Because on that time traditional media journalists had limited resources and depend on others to tell their stories. Many of processes were cumbersome and time-consuming, they also often involved several layers in terms of the number of editors it had to go through, the large crews for produce the content and then had to publish it.

With the time period, the improvement of mobile technology and the rise of social media break these barriers, a smartphone multiplies the capability of the individual while also allowing people, who are closer to the story, to tell that story in their own unique way and with their own perspective and published over the social media and introduce a concept of Mobile journalism MOJO and bring citizen journalism too. 

MOJO, on the other hand, liberates the storyteller from all of those constraints. It puts the power of recording, producing and publishing content in the hand of the individual and most importantly, makes them location and people independent to do so – making the entire process near instantaneous.

The Pakistan numbers

The rise of social media and its usage over the connected device – mobile phone. Of the 207 million Pakistanis, 70.53%, or 146 million use cell phones in the country. Of these, around a third or around 49 million, use third and fourth generation connectivity – ostensibly on their smartphones. So, I observed the need to build a concerted platform for Mojo in Pakistan and founded MOJO Pakistan as an Organization in 2016, to provide a learning platform, equipped and empowering the journalist and citizens with the concept of MOJO-One man army knife.

GNMI Workshop conducted by MojoPakistan Trainer

The goal of Mojo Pakistan.

Our goal was to enhance the capacity building and capability of every individual on the use of a Smart Phone, Storytelling and Publishing their stories from they are living. We believe – with smartphones becoming more and more common, and access to digital content platforms becoming easier, it has allowed everyone with a device in their pocket with a camera, an internet connection to become a content creator, storyteller and in many aspects, a reporter.

Now, the power to tell a story fits snug in your pocket and goes wherever you go while maintaining all of the standards and ethics of traditional journalism. 

Photo courtesy of Ayaz Khan.

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