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Terri Morgan, Luma Touch co-founder, writes for TMS about their philosophy #finishedonmobile

Prior to LumaFusion, mobile video editing wasn’t a viable option for professional editors. The mobile video editing applications available at the time didn’t allow them to solve complex problems associated with multi-track video editing. Issues such as keeping tracks in sync, color correction, audio, mixing, trimming, b-roll, custom titles, voice overs, key-framing effects, re-ordering, replacing, and linking clips (just to name a few), were difficult if not impossible to overcome without the professional tools and techniques LumaFusion now enables. 

In building LumaFusion we embraced the creative editing process as part of the app’s design rather than trying to “simplify” editing by limiting what you can do, or by expecting users to use a template for anything more than a cut. Today we continue to build on what we’ve created and are cognizant of the fact that developing for a touch interface requires us to look at each editing challenge with new eyes. It’s not enough to copy features from desktop editors; mobile workflows require us to re-imagine how to best solve advanced editing problems using a touch interface and a smaller screen.

The Luma Touch most important goal.

Our goal at Luma Touch is to make apps that enable professional caliber video editing on mobile, rather than seeing these devices as less powerful alternatives to traditional desktops and laptops. We chose to embrace the benefits of mobile, specifically its ability to work anywhere and its necessity for intuitive design. In doing so we’ve created an application that allows video editors to unchain themselves from traditional computers and work in environments of their choosing.

For mobile filmmaking in particular, there is a remarkable benefit of being able to plan, capture, edit, and publish all within the same device. Or as we’ve come to define it, videos that are “finished on mobile”. Working from start to finish on mobile allows video producers to work across production disciplines to produce and publish content quicker and retain the authenticity and intimacy mobile creates. It also reduces the barriers to entry for new filmmakers who might not have extensive budgets to purchase gear or software but have a compelling story to tell.  

The benefits of finishing on mobile.

While “Finished on Mobile” does provide an undeniable physical benefit to the overall workflow, Luma Touch is looking forward to a near future where the device is inconsequential and our focus as creators is moved to how well we can tell our story with the application and how the interface responds to our ideas.  This represents the revolutionary idea of editing anywhere that is democratizing video production.

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