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Professor Anthony Adornato gives us a great document.

(text from the newsroom) In the world of mobile content creation, the debate on the relationship between journalists, content producers and their audiences via social media is particularly interesting. In the relationship between journalist, news outlet and audience, important values ​​are generated, also economic, but it is not clear to which of these three subjects they are attributable.

For example, one might think that a journalist working for a traditional news outlet, such as The New York Times, is able to build his or her social media following thanks to the power of the brand of the newsroom for which the journalist reports. On the other side, if the journalist is a feelancer, his followers could be considered a personal asset built up over time.

During this period, a debate broke out on this subject after a case in Virginia, at The Roanoke Times, in which a sports journalist was taken to court by his newspaper to determine who owned the followers of his Twitter account. From this case Professor Anthony Adornato, of whom you can read the biography here, has produced, in collaboration with Andrew Horsfall (Syracure University College of Law) an important academic publication which we propose and which was presented at the last World Journalism Education Congress in Paris.

The Abstract

The slides

The article.

You can find here the pdf version of the article.


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