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The Mobile Side will be a virtual place where you can find the culture of creativity with mobile devices, the discipline of the mobile economy and all future scenarios in the world of media and communication. The criterion for the realization of the contents will not be based on the laws of the web, on the speed, on the orientation of the SEO, but on the quality and care of the details. We will only publish curated and worthy of your attention, useful and reusable over time. Meanwhile, we present a “how to use” guide to enjoy the best of TMS.

The menu is simple and direct. The fortune of mobile content creation is made by “People” people who want to change the world. This world has many different sides, “Sides” that will be represented in an organic and accurate way.

The world of creativity, business and journalism is rapidly evolving precisely because of these new techniques and the new languages ​​that bring about new video products. In the “Tools” section you will find all the most innovative tools. It will be the responsibility of the editorial staff to start relations with the companies that produce hardware and software to make those who are interested in the subject understand not only the technical capabilities of the material, but the values ​​and thoughts behind a project of a microphone or a lens, of a gimbal or a tripod. We will strongly demand the collaboration of companies in the sector, also to understand how software is unleashing creativity.

“Sources” will be the place where you can find the academic documents, books, manuals, sites and all the material that can make you adequately understand the fundamentals of the subject. Here you will find the tools that will enable you to create and develop your career and your business with mobile content creation. Yes, because we believe that knowledge of the subject is only half the service we want to give you. The other half will be linked to the tools with which to put winning businesses on the field and improve your professional status.

The mobile content creation explained

“Design” is the place where you will understand how new media design is developing in this changing world. We will talk about user experience and interaction, the creation of communities and the emotions that men will have in the new world of world communication. We are entering a hyperconnected world and we want you to enter with the utmost awareness, so that we can build together a world of media that has man in the center. A new humanism based on everyone’s stories and on the common good.

“Future”, on the other hand, is a careful look at the tomorrow that is being created today in the world of media and communication with mobile tools. We will talk about immersive content, AR, VR, the interaction of man with artificial intelligence in its various forms.

The last section is dedicated to Videos, a virtual place where you can find visual documents regarding meetings, news, trends, information, explanations and suggestions on the world of mobile content creation.

If anything is missing, write to me and I will be happy to add your contribution to the creation and improvement of this special place.

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