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Hello world. Life is a flow, work is a flow, my project on mobile content creation is a flow. I was the one who created an italian movement interested in the culture of producing content and value with smartphones and tablets, I was the one who tried to popularize this stuff in italian language, but I also was the one who tried to serve the community of mobile content creation publishing contents, interviews, documents, videos and more with the dream to serve the people around the world to gain awareness about the potential of this new way to create.

Everything changes quicly. In a dozen of month the world mobile ecosystem has changed a lot and the possibilities of creation via mobile devices have become limitless. Consequently I feel the need to create a place that is a virtual place where to unify the knowledge of all this culture born of a huge group of innovators. And I want to do it in English, apologizing right now for linguistic ingenuity, since I’m not a mother tongue. This, however, will not be my place, but I would like it to be the virtual meeting place for all those who are interested in this culture, wherever they are. This is why I choose English language as a medium able to communicate with anyone. For this reason, here, Francesco Facchini will not be there: here you will find the mobile part of the world. 

This is the time of The Mobile Side, an information hub that explains the mobile part of the world, to professional, creators, journalists media and companies. Explains the potential of smartphones for the production of content and economic value. Explains innovation and change in the world of media and creativity.

The Mobile side will be a virtual place of culture, information, comparison and networking of all the professions of creativity, with the ambition to become a point of reference for everything that is mobile and that is done with mobile. Here you will find documents, stories, best practises, sources, biographies, definitions, scenarios, trends, videos, audios and more can concern the way to create products and economic values with a smartphone or a tablet. Here i would love to create the match between the world that produces and the world that does business with mobile content creation techniques, 

Here you will find slow and accurate publications, with the aim to give utility to everyone who will pass some minutes on this columns.

I will only be the servant and the witness, the translator and the simplifier of everything is going on in The Mobile Side of the World. I am here also to listen to you and receive your questions, your testimonials and your suggestions. I’m here to create interaction.  The Mobile Side of the world is not just a part of the world where 4 or 5 G are discussed or the latest mobile phone model is shonw. The Mobile Side will be a place to discuss the present and future of the media, of creativity, of business developed trough a smartphone, to build together a new humanism and a new world. The mobile world.

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